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For the last 20 years, I balanced my life of a being a full time teacher and mom.  It was a perfect balance of working outside the home while being able to be raise my children .  All great things come to an end, and when we became “empty nesters” in 2011, I rediscovered my passion for photography upon receiving a DSLR as a Christmas gift. 

I struggled with its operation, as I am a hands on learner.  The manual was difficult to understand and frustrated me. I tried Continuing Education Classes at a Community College and several pricey photography tours and lessons.  Don’t get me wrong, I picked up something here or there… However, I was still just a good "picture taker."


In analyzing what I had done to that point, I decided to try small group classes with the focus on helping me to learn how to operate the camera. I needed the support and encouragement from other photographers, just like me, to improve my skills. I also needed unique opportunities to practice the craft.  I wanted to have a group where I could succeed (and even fail) to learn from each other’s experiences.  

My experience includes photographing Professional and NCAA Division I Sports teams, major charity events, theater productions, concerts and more. I have been able to continue my love of teaching school age children and teens while being a substitute teacher in Fort Bend.  I have Magazine Covers and multiple photo advertisements to my credit. I realized that I was no longer just a picture taker, I had evolved into a photographer by taking the same classes that PLS offers and making the most of the unique photo experiences made available to me.  

We relocated to Houston and settled into Fort Bend County in March of 2018. Never one to shy away from a challenge, and unable to find a program like the one in Charlotte,  I decided to build a program here.  I created The Photographer's Learning Studio here in Fort Bend County.   I can now combine my twenty years of teaching with my passion for Photography. 

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