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Intro to Digital Photography  This session will help you get beyond auto to use all the technology your camera has to offer to your advantage, allowing you to create images that go beyond ordinary picture.

 Intermediate Digital Photography    This hands-on session is ideal for students hoping to take their photography skills to the next level. A continuation of Intro to Digital Photography, this intermediate level session  will address getting consistently good exposures, AF functions and building a personal camera system 


Using flash in your photographs has quite an impact on the photos you produce. With just the right use of flash, your photograph can take on a more professional look. This Studio session will show you how to take that extra step with your flash unit.  Students will utilize both on-camera and off-camera flash to light their photographs and discuss types of flash

Sports 1 Sports photography presents a variety of challenges to any photographer. In this class, we will teach you the steps involved in photographing both indoor and outdoor sporting events. You will learn about the gear you need bring, the camera settings that allow you to stop motion and achieve tack sharp focus, compositional

techniques you can use to tell the story of what is happening in the game. 

Sports 2 Photography is not only varied but difficult sometimes to get great shots. In this second level class we teach the finer techniques of focusing and working in low light conditions. Over 6 popular sports will be addressed in detail. Shooting location and positioning strategies will also be discussed  (Sports Photography 1 and 2 Required for Skeeters game day shoots).


Composition  In this Studio session, students will explore several compositional topics and discuss how to take a compositionally appealing photographs in the camera and not rely on editing to achieve a great image.  Students will examine the elements that contribute to making an outstanding photograph. 


Comprehensive Digital Photography This Studio session is designed to teach the elements of capturing images with attention to the details of accurate exposure and color. We will discuss efficient and quality adjustments of those images in a software program 

Cell Phone Photography This class is designed to help you understand basic photography principles to start you on your way to capturing great photographic images. You will explore the camera app specific to your model of iPhone and learn how to use the features to enhance your photographs. Learn to change Focus and Exposure in Photographs. Understand what Composition is in Photography Take Better DSLR like Quality Photo.

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